Motion Graphics for Auditorium de Palma

Video Flyer/Promo Rock&Play

Rock&Play!!! The Best Fucking Nights @ Es Gremi!!!

This is how Lorena, winner of Perfume’s Club “trip to Mallorca” draw, and Marina enjoyed their prize.

Así es como Lorena, ganadora del “viaje a Mallorca” de Perfume’s Club, y Marina disfrutaron su premio.


Motion Graphics for MHM -

and Chimaira -

Hi, if you use my music for your works, please notify. I’d like to see your work as well ^_^

Video about opinions of some participants at the Balearikus Party 7th Edition.
BKP = Lan Party at Balearic Islands (Mallorca)

Turn On the captions!!!

Music: Jet - Stand Up


Hard Rock Demo (Work in Progress)

(Source: / Eduardo Arancibia)

Pilot Program for TV

Artwork: Javier Vilar

Animation, Editing, 3D, Postproduction: Eduardo Arancibia


Exhibition paddle match


Smoke particles in After Effects

Music by: Ocean Size


2D animation using After Effects from a photoshop file


Shatter Effect made with After Effects

(Source: made with After Effects and Trapcode Suite



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